Salem Welcome


For whatever might have led you to this one dot on the electronic universe, I am grateful! Thanks for coming. You’ve arrived at the site of Salem United Methodist Church of Barrington, Illinois. Barrington is a beautiful village in the northwest suburbs of Chicago.

The church is one of several religious communities established by the earliest settlers of the region. The building is strong and sturdy – a fortress, a rock – symbolic of the people here and the God we serve. The white granite building is in the heart of the village, on Hough Street (Illinois Route 59), four blocks south of Lake/Cook Road.

If you are in search of a place to fulfill your commitment to Christ, or if you are on a quest to find something to enhance your life, Salem might be a good place to start. Do you want to do something important? Are you looking for signs of hope in a troubled world? Are you struggling with an ache so deep that only God can relieve it? You will find kindred spirits here.

Worship at Salem is in a lively yet traditional style with choral music and frequent bell choir and instrumental additions.

On the following “pages” you’ll find information about opportunities in music and education as well as activity groups for children and students of all ages. Adult small groups get together regularly for personal growth and study…and some really great experiences.

Like all faithful Christian churches, our major work is the transformation of lives. We don’t do it; God does. Our task is to set the table for such a transformation to take place. We think it’s a vitally important job, and, since you’ve been led to this place, perhaps you think so too.

Now that you’ve gotten a glimpse of Salem, I hope you’ll come and experience the real thing. I’ve told you about us; I would love it if you would come and tell me a little something about you.

Gratefully, Rick Carlson,  Pastor