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John Wesley was the founder of the early religious system that became known as the Methodists.  Early Methodists placed primary emphasis on Christian living and on putting faith and love into action. This emphasis on what Wesley referred to as “practical divinity” continues to be a hallmark of United Methodism.  

Our Faith Journey

Faith is the basic orientation and commitment of our whole being—a matter of heart and soul. Christian faith is grounding our lives in the living God as revealed especially in Jesus Christ. It’s both a gift we receive within the Christian community and a choice we make. It’s trusting in God and relying on God as the source and destiny of our lives. Faith is believing in God, giving God our devoted loyalty and allegiance. Faith is following Jesus, answering the call to be his disciples in the world. Faith is hoping for God’s future, leaning into the coming kingdom that God has promised. Faith-as-belief is active; it involves trusting, believing, following, hoping.



In thinking about our faith, we put primary reliance on the Bible. It’s the unique testimony to God’s self-disclosure in the life of Israel; in the ministry, death, and resurrection of Jesus the Christ; and in the Spirit’s work in the early church. It’s our sacred canon and, thus, the decisive source of our Christian witness and the authoritative measure of the truth in our beliefs.

                   (Text from United Methodist Church  website (UMC.org))


Values that guide us:

  • Salem United Methodist Church is a worshiping church, providing a variety of worship experiences.  Our worship is a time of learning, praising God, prayer, and the giving of our talents and worldly goods.  
  • We are a praying church, encouraging individual and group communication with God.  
  • We are a church which seeks to answer the call of the the Great Commission through the development of Christian Disciples and the building of a close relationship with God through worship, prayer, education and fellowship.  
  • We are a church committed to providing a biblically-based education program for all ages through Worship, Sunday School, and large and small group study opportunities.  
  • We are a church that enjoys the company of others of all ages, coming together in Christian gatherings and fun activities.
  • We are a church that enjoys the presence of children and youth, and seeks to foster their growth and commitment o God and Christ through worship, Christian education, and safe, wholesome and enjoyable fellowship activities.  Our children and youth are our future and, as such, deserve to be supported by inter-generational Christian example and nurtured in the foundations of Christian faith and the ideals of service to one another.
  • We are a church that actively reaches out to others.  We work to identify needs and respond in sensitive and responsible ways.  When possible, we look to partner with established mission and community programs to provide support through our time, our talents and our finances.  We are a church that acknowledges its responsibility to assist, support and nurture individuals and families by providing support, education and other services to make participation in the life of the church and community possible.  We are a church that acknowledges we live in a broken world.  We provide a place where the broken can come to find support and healing in the company of embracing and caring people and unconditional love.
  • We are a church that faithfully uses its gifts, talents, and resources to bless our church family, community and world.


Please visit our Missions Page to see a few examples of how we put our beliefs into action!


Come and See!

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