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WE ARE YOUNG, WE ARE OLD, WE ARE FAMILIES, WE ARE SINGLE.           WE VOLUNTEER, WE SERVE, WE HAVE PICNICS, WE PAINT TOYS.                     WE SING, WE PLAY HAND BELLS, AND SO MUCH MORE!                                                                         

We are everyday people doing everyday things with the love and guidance of God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Come see what else we do – inside and outside the walls of our church. We’d love to get to know you.  Sunday service is at 10:30 am.



For more than 120 years the people of Salem Church have sought to be a beacon of reassurance and hope in and around the community of Barrington, representing the love of Christ to many generations.

Founded by predominantly German immigrants, the church has stood the test of time and circumstance, thriving on the power of faith through two World Wars, the Great Depression and countless cultural revolutions. Today’s congregation is a cross-section of the community itself: people representing a broad range of ages, incomes, education levels, and careers.

The factors binding all of us together are the desire to grow in our faith, to overcome temptations that lead to disastrous results, to provide a safe, healthy environment for our children, and to work together for the glory of God. We worship, we work, we play, we study, we sing, we pray, we laugh, we explore and we practice active caring.

Since the merger of two Protestant denominations more than forty years ago, Salem has been an outpost of the United Methodist Church. Our ties to the larger Church insure accountability in everything we do and provide a connection by which we can serve beyond the walls of our building and our community.

  Come And See!                                                                                     

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