Children & Youth at Salem

Children at Salem!

Sunday School is offered for all children ages 5 thru 12th grade in a lively fashion through a program called “Big Blue.” It is a learning center approach which includes bible stories, crafts and games. Children are invited to come to the front of the Sanctuary every Sunday for a Children’s Time learning moment during worship.  After Children’s Time, children are excused to Children’s Church for further activities.  IGNITE! is a fun and educational opportunity involving games, crafts, songs and lessons. It is held at the church on Friday evenings – at 6:00 pm for children and at 7:00 pm for youth. For more information on any of these programs, please contact the church office at (847) 381-0524 or our Youth Director, Linda Ballard, at   


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Youth at Salem!

The youth room is an active place on Sunday mornings during the Sunday School hour with lessons and discussions that have meaning and significance for today’s youth.  Occasional fellowship events also provide friendship and support. Youth Fellowship groups for Middle School and High School students are built upon spiritual growth and mission. An annual summer mission trip is a week-long event that introduces youth to the work of service agencies and organizations providing for the health and welfare of people in need.  Many participants enjoy the relationships that are built with people on these trips.     the startthe group   IMG_9314IMG_9060     For more information on these programs, or for any questions, call the office at (847) 381-0524.

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